Like I said last week, one of the reasons I love sewing is because I can copy ready-to-wear for much less–and get a better fit and custom details while I’m at it. I’ve been trying to make one item a month this year and think I may make it a “summer of shirts” for May through August. Here’s what I’m planning:

This is a random Pinterest inspiration image but the “square” shirt trend is everywhere. I found some nice heavy oxford at a local place (here’s a source online) and am using the StyleArc Blaire shirt (with some mods) to copy it. This is cut out now and should be a pretty quick sew.

This is a shirt from the Gap that I tried on in two sizes , only to see that the front was gaping and the fabric seemed like it would shrink immediately. I also wasn’t crazy about the butterfly embroidery. I found some drapey cotton-linen at a new-to-me L.A. source and will just do an oversized version of the Grainline Archer. I may or may not end up with patches, but found some daruma ones on Amazon (because daruma dolls > butterflies, always.)

This one may get bumped to sew up some linen or Liberty I already have, but I saw a silk Kate Moss for Equipment blouse for $280 and started thinking about a black and white shirt. This cotton ikat weave is a contender (my life is not a silk shirt life) but I think I need a swatch to make sure it’s got enough movement.

And finally, Doc gets an anniversary shirt (but no moodboard) in this crazy plaid. I’m going to try making a custom pattern with a tissue fitting session, following the instructions in Fine Shirtmaking. 

So stay tuned for more updates from Shirt Central! Also, send buttons.