I credit Karen Templer’s first “Summer of Basics” makealongĀ last year to really give me that final push into making most of my clothes (and buying a serger). So I have to join in again this year and make three “basic” things my closet is lacking–even if I already have my 2018 Make Nine list going.

This year’s three pieces are meant to fill in some holes: hiking pants, comfy-but-not-pajama pants for working at home, and a chambray-ish shirt to replace a too-small one from J. Crew (l-r).

I’ll use theĀ Hudson pattern and some stretch nylon and ribbing for the hiking pants (because look at these for $80–they’re pretty much exactly the same!); the Arenite pattern and some brown linen for the casual pants; and the trusty Archer pattern for the shirt (which I cut out last year and then abandoned…to make pants for the first summer of basics).

I actually want to get these all done by mid-August, when we have some travel planned, so I’ll probably put the Make Nine projects on hold and focus on these.

Sewing and lists: some of my favorite things!