I re-made the Emerson Shorts from last week one size bigger, and they are working! I ran out of thread to finish the waistband and hems, so pictures next week, but they are bottoms I can wear (!!). I’ve been sewing for myself for 12 years and this is a first.

I used an ikat-ish fabric from Jo-Ann for the shorts and suddenly I want to make all the Emerson Pants–that are just longer shorts THAT FIT ME, HOLY SHIT–out of ikat, like so:

Past season Toast, image saved to for a while
Past season J. Crew, image saved to for a while
Fancy Tiger Crafts

PANTS, you guys! I can make them! That pattern company even makes a skinny pant pattern, too, for when I get tired of ikat wide-legs. It’s a whole new world.