I’ve been having too many adventures lately to have anything to show today, and I’ve been feeling uninspired to boot. I’ve grudgingly accepted that fall clothes are out and here to stay so I should probably think about making some, but I don’t really have a vision for what to make or what fabric to get…except for this:

It’s fabric from the Liberty of London fall “
Liberty Rocks” line; it’s designed by Storm Thorgerson, the artist behind a lot of Pink Floyd album covers; and it has rock-and-roll/sci-fi birds all over it. Birds. Rock and roll. Liberty.

I have a weakness for stuff like this–see the psychadelic star print hippy dress and the dress with horses that look like they were airbrushed on the side of a van–but fitting them into my regular rotation of pencil skirts and 60s shifts makes me feel a little bipolar, fashion-wise.

So I’m still on the fence for fall fabrics. Stay tuned!