So I went to a demolition derby Saturday, after a break of four years. (I had to balance out the early music concert somehow.) It did not disappoint. There was beer:

There were cars:

There were people who rushed out to tip a car back over that had rolled:

And there was this–perhaps the single most sociologically fascinating thing I’ve seen in an event that gives you PLENTY of things to be sociologically fascinated by. It was the brown car. That says “Butt Bomber” and “San Francisco here I come” on on side…

…and “Hershey Highway” on the other.

What prompted these messages? Small-town homophobia? A puerile (and still homophobic) commentary on the car’s original paint color? Or is the driver really gay and making a statement? We may never know. But I’m hoping for an out and proud driver, because he kicked ass.