Remember back in September when I was thinking about making a cape? I had decided on the pattern when I wrote that, but the fabric was up in the air. Then I discovered that Mood had actual camel’s hair coating (made from actual camels!) and that swayed me to a neutral (camel-colored, of course).

A few swatches and a contrasting shocking pink lining later, and we have cape fabric:


As it turns out, camel’s hair is amazing. I’ve read about it in J. Peterman catalogs and novels from the 20’s but never seen any in person until this project. It’s nearly as soft as alpaca, dense but light, and, you know, made of camels.

It’s the big project for the end of the year when I have some time off, but until then I can prep the pattern and the fabric. I might also be singing “camelid” to the tune of “Camelot” to myself (I have my dad to blame for that silliness).