It went a little something like this:

I came home and checked my email because now I have the internet in my own house. (There was nothing new since I checked it at work, oh, 30 minutes previously. But you never know!)
I ate Thai food for dinner.
I knitted a pattern repeat on the Fabulous New Spring But It May Actually Be Summer Before I Finish It Handbag while watching an episode from the first season of Northern Exposure.
I became irritated with Rob Morrow and decided to read in the hope of becoming sleepy.
I did not become sleepy.
I finished the book I had picked to read (Fugitive Pieces, one of the top ten books ever in my opinion, and yes Dad, I have your copy, but you don’t re-read things anyway)
I decided to read my old journals instead.

Then my head exploded.

And tomorrow? If I still can’t sleep, I might read poems to the houseplants.