How many knitting bags can I make? As Doc would answer, “n + 1.” In this case, the existing (bags I’ve already made) are just feeling TOO floppy or TOO small for taking my knitting out into the world when I also need to carry a wallet and my Emotional Support Water Bottle.

Some Instagram scrolling led me to an Austrian pattern, and who better to know about carrying knitting into the world than European ladies? (I actually don’t know if this is accurate but my imagination has been caught by women knitting socks on the tram and stopping at the market and having enough room in their bags for everything.)

(photos from the pattern info page and the co-designers’ Instagram accounts.)


Anyway, I might be making another bag. Now I just need to convince myself to use the bag fabric I already have instead of buying new fabric. (Who am I kidding, I’m probably going to buy new fabric.)