Nearly a year ago (to the very day!) I posted about maybe sewing a carry-on bag and traveling. That, of course, was before Toby got sick and now that he needs insulin twice a day, we’ve kind of shelved the idea of travel for the time being. But did I buy fabric for the damn bag a year ago, plus all the hardware and notions? Of course. Has everything been sitting in a pile on the end of my ironing board for a year now? You know it!
I ended up going with a stripe to copy the Kate Spade Saturday look to the max, in waterproof Ottertex ordered from Fabric Wholesale Direct:

And of course I planned on doing the contrast lining (but in orange ripstop) and yes, the lining fabric has been sitting on the ironing board for a year, too:

Okay, I’ve answered my question; I’d better just sew this thing up after I finish the latest quilt coat. Maybe we won’t be traveling but it would be nice to have the end of the ironing board back.