I thought I’d share more pictures–because it makes perfect sense to post photos of my home and closet to a web site that uses my first and last name as a URL!

This is what you would see if you were walking in the front door or sitting at the counter on the second barstool that I keep planning on buying.
Yes, we have some bananas…in our big orange colander. We also have a stray houseplant. It ususally doesn’t live there but sneaked into the picture. I gave it a talking to.

This is looking into the corner where the sink is. That’s why you can see a sink. And the houseplant again.

Notice the dishwasher? I hope those of you who have a dishwasher appreciate it. It is a magical box wherein dirty dishes emerge clean, in only 30 minutes on the “Light/China” cycle.

And here’s the rest of that wall, including the door to the bathroom. As my brother said when he saw it, “You can almost shower in your kitchen!”