Look! In spite of the Riverdance rehearsals from 7:30-8:00 every morning, my apartment rocks!

I have a chair!
(This is actually the same Eames-like chair I read all my books in as a child, and that I got rocked in as a baby even earlier.)

I have SHELVES, which on the apartment furniture black market would be equivalent to having about twenty kilos of cocaine. Because these are CUSTOM BUILT. By my dad, who is a MASTER CRAFTSMAN. (Also retired! And available to hire for YOUR shelf-building needs! Email me!)

Notice the light blue fabric backing and artful arrangement of books by color. (That was me.)

This is where the internet is. So fast! And what’s that? Another chair! (That’s the knitting basket to the left.)

And…best of all….I have A FULL-SIZE OVEN.

This closet has its own light. I think I have to lie down now.