Even though I was “meh” about my swimsuit, I finished it up–and added a rash guard for Doc as well. Can you tell I’m really excited for any type of water vacation, even if it’s just half a day in some hot springs?

When I tried on the swimsuit again, I liked it more. Wearing the waistband of the bottoms unfolded makes them super high waited (plus they have POCKETS, which are hard to see here). The halter cut and the palm print on the top add to the retro vibes. (Neon performance knit from Fabric.com; palm print scraps from deep stash.)

For Doc, I tried out the Fehr Trade Surf to Summit Rash Guard, which I can’t recommend. It makes a decent finished product, but the pattern was missing notches and the sizing is super limited. I used performance Lycra from Joann and some football mesh from a Fashion Fabrics Club order. I had to add cuffs since I forgot to lengthen the sleeves for him, and I added a zip pocket across the low back because who doesn’t want a pocket?

That cover stitch machine keeps proving itself to be a good investment–putting on the elastic in my suit was so easy and all the seams on Doc’s guard got a nice topstitch.

We’re wearing it all today to see how it does in the water. Hot springs, here we come!