It’s time to squeeze more projects into the planned year with the “Summer of Basics” again. Yes, I bought more fabric for it, but two out of the three really will fill a (small) wardrobe gap: Wide summer pants to wear when working from home. Then I threw another shirt into the mix because why not?!

From bottom to top, there’s a gray bamboo knit from The Fabric Fairy that will become Greenstyle Warrior Pants (probably without the side slit, but we’ll see if I want the extra ventilation). I’m living dangerously and not making a muslin because the Greenstyle patterns have fit me so well.

The rainbow stripe linen (from JoAnn) will be a pair of Emerson pants, as discussed here, and the multi-stripe linen look (from La Mercerie, now sold out, I think) will be a boxy button up, as discussed here.

I just want to take a solid week off and alternate between sewing and reading in the sun. Anyone with me?