There are many birds outside the office. There are starlings, finches who live in the loading dock, a pair of mangy pigeons, and lots of sparrows. I’ve started feeding them (or “creating a dependency,” as C. says) and will bring in stale bread, baking misadventures, or birdseed. The sparrows are the tamest.

I had The Lovely Susannah read the poem today’s quote comes from last night, and while my shipmates scoff at the idea of literature improving your life, she genuinely liked the poem and now wants to read more Roethke. Here’s the quote:

I belive! I believe!–
In the sparrow, happy on gravel;
In the winter-wasp, pulsing its wings in the sunlight;
I have been somewhere else; I remember the sea-faced uncles.
I hear, clearly, the heart of another singing,
Lighter than bells,
Softer than water.

(from “Praise to the End”)

The image caption tells us these are “Sparrows of Palestine.” Our sparrows outside are not from Palestine.

Office Snack of the Day: potato salad.