I finished a hiking parka a couple weeks ago and need to get some pictures of it before all the snow melts in the mountains…but in between ambitious outwear projects, I’ve been sewing up a ton of spandex for the gym.

I made some neon tiger Super G Tights (as seen in this post) and a Solo Tank with an order from Blue Moon Fabrics:

I sewed up the orange “Memphis Milano” print in this pic into another pair of Super Gs and have been wearing them a lot (yet have no pictures of them on):

I got even more neon from Spandex World and made even more Super Gs and my first sports bra!

This is the Embrace Sports Bra and it’s even easier to sew than a regular bra. I found I needed to size down to get the compression I wanted but the un-layered option is super quick to make and almost a dead ringer for this ready-to-wear one.

And I have this print on the way for more tights (probably the Greenstyle Inspires with added patch pockets) because sewing spandex is fun and wow, once you realize you can make a pair for about $25, you kind of go crazy.

PS–this isn’t a sponsored post (lol, I don’t even do affiliate links) but as you noticed from all the links to Greenstyle patterns, I’m a big fan. The fit is perfect, they’re super functional (I lift heavy things, run, jump, and sweat a lot 4-5x a week in their patterns), they’re size-inclusive, and there’s a lot of support with sewalongs. If you want to try sewing activewear, you can’t go wrong starting with them.