I met Doc nine years ago today, at a friend’s birthday party at the fancy taco place. He made a pun about the fish of the day and the rest is history.

We don’t have a lot of pics together but this is one from the summer of 2014 and nothing makes you realize how much you’ve grown and endured together than looking at the unyielding passage of time:

Since that picture was taken we’ve dealt with my mental health, my mom died, we debated kids, there was a pandemic, we pooled our money, Toby got old, I started caring about politics (he always did), and so much more.

I always assumed being a couple was date nights and fun trips, but being partners is that and a lot of hard stuff, too. He makes it not feel hard, though, and there isn’t anyone else I’d rather do the fun or the hard things with. Happy anniversary, honey. I love you.