Four years ago tonight, I went to a hipster taco place to celebrate my friend’s husband’s birthday. Because my friend is a magician, there were not one but two single men there.

Because my friend is smart, she hadn’t told me about this beforehand.

The hipster waitress told us about the hipster specials, saying, “The fish for the fish tacos tonight is escolar.” Single Man #1 said, to no one in particular, “Pablo?” and I thought, “Who’s this guy?”

This guy, it turns out, is the most patient and generous man I’ve ever met. He’s calm on the exterior and Steinbeckian in his depths (he really does wave at dogs and cars). He gives the best advice and the best hugs has become the bedrock of my life. It has been a privilege to spend the last four years learning from him and I wanted to publicly celebrate it.

(We’re not going back to the hipster taco place for dinner, though.)