The family didn’t escape getting bookbinding presents–Altair got a gardening journal and Skyler got a photo album. Both were quick projects because Hollanders had the text blocks ready to go.

I was pretty pleased with the casing-in on the garden journal. I’m sure it helped that I practiced with mine but this is my best job yet:

I didn’t get a good picture but I put in a loop of foldover elastic between the back cover and end paper to hold a pencil, and then I tried covering a pencil in matching paper for good measure (extremely fun and easy; everyone almost got a bunch of pencils, too).


The photo album needed a “hollow back tube” binding style, which I hadn’t done before. It definitely turned out as instructed, but it’s not the cleanest job (the tube got a little creased on the side).

But it works, and this was an ancillary gift anyway. Skyler’s in the Civil Air Patrol, so I went with their colors in case he wants to do an album of his flights or something.