As of today, I’ve made 6 pairs of socks this year! (And it may end up being 7; I just have toes and heels on one more.) I wanted to really get into sock knitting in 2021, but I kept getting tendonitis flare-ups. I finally did something about it in August of this year and started getting medical massages. Not only did I knit half the year’s socks in the time since then, I’m back to trying to do a real pull up at the gym–highly recommend this practitioner if you’re local.

Other numbers-based milestones for the year? I finally hit 100 pounds on bench press in November (also thanks to the medical massage); Doc had 3 hospital stays and 1 surgery (and is doing great); and Toby turned 16 (and is also doing great after his vet brought in a pet nutritionist and we got him different food).

I guess the lesson I’m taking from 2023 is… pay for a specialist to fix your problems! Easy! Seriously, though, I’m grateful we could afford our specialists and that their expertise helped us all feel better.

Happy New Year, friends. Stay warm and knit on.