I’ve had to go into the office a couple times for client meetings, all masked up and spread out, but, you know, meetings mean talking. The Craft Passion pattern I was using before tended to slide down my nose when you moved your jaw (a requirement of talking) and that wasn’t going to work.

So when I saw pattern designer Marilla Walker talking about a “boat mask” on Instagram and how comfortable it was, I thought I’d try it out. Her post I linked has a pattern you can draft but I found one ready to go at Aplat  and tried that–it fit perfectly and was indeed amazingly comfortable.

The flaps at the top and bottom give it a 3D effect, which keeps it tight at the edges but leaves a lot of room in front of your mouth. I wore one Sunday for family visits and it stayed in place perfectly, even with lots of talking.

Since mask wearing looks like it’s going to stay around for the foreseeable future, I made these versions more FASHUN than neutral. The ties are bias binding for some color (I’m a big fan of a mask that ties around your head vs. ear elastic). No reason we can’t be stylish while we stay safe, right?