Once, at a party, I remember telling a gentleman I had met about my hobbies. He responded with, “You make your own clothes? That’s just so…Little House on the Prairie.” I found someone else to talk to.

Because would Laura, as much as I love her (all seven books are on my shelf right now), ever make something like this?
(Okay, the blurry shot ruins the dramatic effect a little. Sorry. My batteries died during the shoot.)

Anyway, it’s a Nehru-ish tunic made with Japanese indigo dyed cotton:

And we have some pickstitch detailing–done by hand:
(Done by that enormous and blurry hand, in fact.)

And, Party Dude, I know for a fact Laura Ingalls would not be drinking sherry by a bunch of grape hyacinths while she did her hand finishing.

So call my hobbies what you will (resourceful, frivoulous, sublimation). Just don’t call them Little House on the Prairie. Especially when you mean the TV show.