From the archives of Tomato Nation:

I should just pretend I pick these guys up in bars, because apparently that concept is a lot less disturbing to other people.
“Soooo? Where’d you meeeeet him?….
Whe– the INTERNET? But he’s probably a PERV! He’ll kill you WITH AN AXE and take PICTURES of it!”

Oh yes. He probably will. In a Starbucks. Yep, that could totally happen. Not. Leave me alone. It’s the same as when that girl at the office asks if you brought a date to something or other, which you didn’t because it’s an office party and who cares, and she pouts all sympathetically and says “oh, you’ll find someone, don’t worry” and then pats your hand, like, I know I will! I don’t worry! But the more I say that, the more it sounds like I do!

People? Not everyone with email access is a child pornographer. I didn’t order a Russian guy out of the back of Playgirl. Simmer down, jeez.

Good stuff. Check out the description of introducing her cats to the Roomba.