Well, what have we here? A sweater, completed in about three weeks, made from 12.5 of the 15 balls of birthday yarn!

Sorry about the blur, but the lighting/distance conditions in the apartment don’t lend themselves to self-portrais. At least this gives you the general effect.

Here’s a close-up of the nice buttons. And look at that tidy arm seam! (Seaming is something I just recently learned how to do well.)

I finished it Sunday, and this line from Jorie Graham’s “Le Manteau de Pascal” popped into my head when I was sewing on the buttons:
…filled with the sensation of being suddenly completed —
as then it is, abruptly, the last stitch laid in, the knot bit off —

Really, needs expensive therapists when you have lots of knitting projects and some post-modern poems to mumble to yourself?