My friend Amber is getting married tomorrow, and while we are mercifully out of the era when I would weep because her husband is “taking her away,” I thought I would reminisce a little here.

So Amber, consider this my toast, because I may be too tipsy to make a real one tomorrow.

First, I am so glad you are marrying a man who understands how important it is to always have bacon in the house. You deserve nothing less.

Second, let me thank you for nearly twenty years of friendship, in which you didn’t make fun of my hair, even when it was bad; helped me realize I wanted to be a writer; made a sock monkey with me; shopped with me; got me freelance jobs; wrote me letters and letters when I was away at music camp; introduced me to the band Cake; got me a real writing job; got me a FABULOUS real writing job; and so much more. You’re smart, a smart ass, fiercely loyal and loving, and never, never sentimental.

So if I cry tomorrow, laugh at me. I would expect nothing less.

Best wishes for a lifetime of bacon and happiness!