But I had to stay up and finish my alpaca sweater last night because today is the only day that will be cool enough to wear it!

First, the alpaca. The grey fellow is Merlin:
As you can guess, the yarn I used was spun from him. I earned it by volunteering at the
Blue Moon Ranch “open barn day” back in September. Here’s what Merlin knits up into:
Merlin makes a very warm cardigan, let me tell you. I’m glad I made the sleeves short.

Here’s a gratuitous close-up–the trim is silk/alpaca, from anonymous Peruvian alpacas (and silkworms, I guess)
Ignore the little hiccup by the bottom buttonhole. I have a knitting book with a real-life chapter titled, “Buttonholes Are Bitches” and it’s right. (I may go back and fix it, but it was too late to care much last night.)

Another Thursday night Chez Sweatshop!