Acutally, I’m fairly certain there is no literature about crafts. But–and we can thank the J. Peterman catalog for this–I’ve been thinking of literatry scenes to go along with my latest projects:

I finished a blue linen pullover Sunday and remembered that one of Catherine’s outfits in The Garden of Eden (about a young couple being fabulous in the south of France in the 1920’s) was “a blue linen shirt with an open collar and a heavy white linen skirt.” (Of course, the book ends in madness and adultery, but there are good outfits. And we all know good outfits help us deal with madness, adultery, bad traffic, and everything in between.)

Another project is a little blouse in a dandelion print,
which will allow for all sorts of quotes from Dandelion Wine when it’s finished, one of my top ten books ever and something I have to re-read every summer. (And Dad, I have my own copy now! Aren’t you proud?)

I’m also knitting something, which in my mind I’m calling the Robin Hood tunic. We’ll see if it works out, or if I look like I’m being swallowed by too much chunky-weight Lincoln Green yarn.

But between the Jedi Jacket, the Dandelion Wine Blouse, and the Garden of Eden Pullover, I’m giving Peterman some competition.