Happy 76th birthday to the toughest cowboy I know, my dad. How tough is he?

He was hit by a car while riding his bike earlier this year and, from his landing spot on the ground, told the driver, “I’m OK, stop screaming!”

He keeps up the yard, keeps up the house, keeps himself fed, and just keeps going, even though it would all be so much easier with two people.

He endures my desire to talk about feelings at every opportunity, even though it’s often in direct conflict to his desire to only talk about Things That Are Good.

He’s the glue of the family and such an influence on me and my brother and Skyler. If I’m a craftsman, I learned from him. If I take pride in my non-hobby work–even though we need to throw the bosses off our back–I learned it from him. Hell, I learned all the union songs from him, too.

So happy birthday, Dad. We’re love you, we’re glad you’re alive, and remember: