It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday today! I grew up with a brother–and in general my family isn’t great at normal relationships–so I still sometimes have moments of, “Is this how you interact with a sister-in-law?”, even after all these years. But then I text her out of the blue with something like, “Do you want to take a flower arranging class?” and she replies immediately and signs up and I think, “Oh yeah, she’s family. This isn’t hard.”

And Altair makes it easy. I know astrology isn’t real, but there’s something to be said for archetypes: She and Doc have birthdays four days apart and they share so many excellent traits. Neither of them want to be the center of attention, but they’re just out there quietly doing the right thing and building community. Altair works to make the world a better place for her son; she’s creative; and she’s understanding.

I’m grateful she’s part of the family, even if my own brain makes it harder than it should be sometimes. Happy birthday! We love you.