1. Stephen Hawking is turning 70 soon and so is giving interviews. In one with the New Scientist, he was asked, “What do you think most about during the day?” and answered, “Women. They are a complete mystery.”

I know it’s just a soundbite, and I know we’re supposed to think he’s being a charming old man, but I have to think of Carl Sagan making the argument to include women in The Explorers Club:
But we presumably are adults, with a special responsibility for interacting with all humans on this planet.

Maybe we can think of each other as human adults first, and then genders second? You’ve done way more complicated things, Dr. Hawking.

2. I bet you were just thinking, “How come there isn’t a Tumblr for Mystery Science Theater ephemera?” Well, there is. And it’s called F** Yeah MST3K. And it’s full of gems like this: