1. I love every single word in this article, which begins, ” A truck carrying 27 tons of brunost, a Norwegian brown cheese, caught fire in a tunnel in Narvik on Thursday and burned with gooey rage until Monday.”

2. The food blog Dinner: A Love Story (are you reading it? you should be) posted “nine rules of blogging,” which happen to be really good rules for writing, too–see Rule 4:

If I can’t explain it in a title and a subtitle, I’m in trouble. If I can, there’s my idea. It’s really nothing more than the topic sentence we learn about in third grade writing. Once I know what I want to say, I spend the rest of the piece saying it.

And see Rule 9:

There is literally no reason not to write. Nothing bad can come of it. Even if no one reads what you are writing, you have a chronicle of something. You are creating something…How is that ever bad?