Like jewelry, I’ve never worn a lot of makeup. I’m not opposed to it (although this blog can get me spinning out), but I never really learned how to do it.

But now that I’m dealing with getting older (and working under the worst florescent lights imaginable), I’m trying to learn about things like undereye concealer. And wearing blush that doesn’t make you look like a doll. And eyelash curlers, which still really freak me out.

So I was beyond happy to find the video tutorials of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. She’s British, so the accent adds a lot more gravitas to a fairly superficial topic, but she’s also really down-to-earth and non-judgmental. And she starts out most videos without any makeup, so you can see what differences the products are making.

I mean, just look at her talking about “a minimal rosy flush”:

One of her latest videso is about “the best makeup look to wear when meeting with an ex,” and it’s twenty minutes of a nice lady making you feel (and look) better. She ends it with the advice “be strong, look gorgeous..and keep your head up high.” I can get behind that, eyelash curlers or not.