1. As part of their “Great Whale Trailnon-lethal study (cough, JAPAN!), Greenpeace is allowing people to vote on their favorite name for a humpback whale. The leader, with 71 percent of the vote? Mr. Splashy Pants.

2. There was an article in the good old Salt Lake Tribune this morning about religious groups planning to boycott the upcoming children’s fantasy movie The Golden Compass because it’s “anti-God.” The paper quoted a newsletter blurb for the (Catholic) Madeleine Choir School that said, “[The film] represents the new face of atheism: It is aggressive, dogmatic, and unrelenting.” Um, guys? Try changing “atheism” to the name of nearly any other Christian religion. Maybe Jesus can give us all a little self-awareness and perspective for Christmas…

2a. Cough, SOAPBOX! Sorry.

3. In the spirit of tolerance, here’s a picture: