1. What a nice burthday! Thanks, family! We all love champagne.

2. Here’s a quote from the knitting book I got for my birthday, Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears, talking about the benefits of wool:
“It is true that a synthetic sweater can be washed and dried in machines, but to me this rather reduces it to the level of a sweatshirt. Washing a real sweater is akin to bathing a baby, and brings the same satisfaction of producing a clean, pretty, sweet-smelling creature.”
(I like how “real”=wool in her mind, too.)

3. And speaking of wool, I have BIRTHDAY YARN to plan a project for, alpaca yarn to knit into a scarf for a friend, a baby shower present to finish knitting, a blouse to finish sewing, and another two planned out. I think I’m reacting against only making gifts in December.

4. And here’s to a late birthday present: Obama bama, bo-bama, banana fana bo-bama, mi my mo-mama–OBAMA!