is a tricky site for me: It’s good because I can find a kitty to adopt but it’s bad because I can find a lot of kitties I can’t adopt—such as Wilbur here.

DO NOT click here if you don’t want to read a sad story. There’s a sad reason Wilbur is wearing a t-shirt and special collar. There’s an even more sad reason I can’t adopt him: He has FIV and I know I don’t have the savings to cover the vet trips he would need. But isn’t he a handsome boy? Doesn’t he look like a good kitty? I’m tempted to donate most of my pet savings towards his care anyway.

I don’t want to put up a sad post on a Monday, so let’s focus our positive energy and the power of the Internet and see if we can find Wilbur a home. I’m sure we can. (And I have to make a new rule: No looking for pets online when I’m feeling weepy.)