1. Visit The Museum of Internet Artifacts and get ready to feel old! I didn’t really recognize a lot until 1991, and that AOL dial up sound (click it to play) took me BACK. Also, the White House page from 1994 is a trip.


2. How did I not know that “taupe” is literally the French word for “mole”?! Some color history here (it’s a Twitter link, so it may or may not work).

In some records, taupe veers on the cool side of brown, while others have it on the brown side of grey. As a French word for “mole,” the only real consensus is that taupe should resemble the burrowing animal, but how it’s expressed in practice varies from source to source.


3. Putting the “no” in “November”:


4. A good reminder as we all practice our little hobbies (from artist Renographics):