A person Doc works with asked if he’d seen the fox den in the park a few miles away. Seen the WHAT now? We had not but we had our Sunday goal.

Neither of us had ever visited the park before, because it’s surrounded by the city–my dentist’s office backs up to one end, our friend lives up the street, there’s a grocery complex on the east. But there were little wooded paths and more wild areas than lawn and a stable with horses and donkeys and, yes, FOXES.

We saw the sign…

And right on cue one sauntered up.

But then ANOTHER fox showed up and did one of those stretchy bows! I couldn’t speak when Left Fox appeared and could only hit Matt on the shoulder in my excitement!!

Right Fox wandered off…

But Left Fox just laid down at the edge of the woods to have a nap!!


The Google Maps entry for the park has a bunch of fox photos in the reviews and the other dog walkers did not act like seeing two foxes was a jaw-dropping sight, so I can only assume the foxes feel right at home in their city park and there are a lot of them. Clearly, we’ll have to go to the fox park more often.