1. I’ve been reading all the chatter about AI and how good it is and decided to start playing with ChatGPT for ideas and brainstorming. I can conclude that my job is safe (for now)…but it’s a useful tool to get started. Austin Kleon writes about treating AI as an intern, and I think that’s about right.

This first round of primitive AI agents like ChatGPT and Dalle are best thought of as universal interns… [They can] write a rough draft, suggest code, summarize the research, review the talk, brainstorm ideas, make a mood board, suggest a headline, and so on. As interns, their work has to be checked and reviewed. And then made better.


2. However, if I were a designer at Balenciaga, I’d be a little worried about AI taking my job:


3. The last line here!


4. The SUN is coming out for the weekend and it might even be WARM. This is me (by Sarah Hagale):