1. Yesterday’s Pre-Raphaelite cover reminded me of one of my favorite pieces from when The Toast was publishing:  Two Monks Invent The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. “Big hair, no heart” is my 2020 mood.

2. Changing gears, there’s been a lot of talk in my friend groups about preparing for the spread of coronavirus. One group is pretty freaked out, the other not so much, and I was falling under the umbrella of “We’ll probably be fine, no need to stockpile things.” But this Scientific American article changed my mind (and offers specific, detailed advice on what “prepare” means):

We should prepare, not because we may feel personally at risk, but so that we can help lessen the risk for everyone. We should prepare not because we are facing a doomsday scenario out of our control, but because we can alter every aspect of this risk we face as a society.

That’s right, you should prepare because your neighbors need you to prepare—especially your elderly neighbors, your neighbors who work at hospitals, your neighbors with chronic illnesses, and your neighbors who may not have the means or the time to prepare because of lack of resources or time.