1. This is scholarly and perfect and I love it and want to do a version for the elusive “lady bro”: Jeah! We Mapped Out The 4 Basic Aspects Of Being A ‘Bro’.  (Whispers: “Jeah, bro.”)

2. From The Paris Reveiw, Six Books We Could and Should All Write:

Every single thing I’m about to describe, you wouldn’t need any talent to produce it. You wouldn’t need any talent, and you wouldn’t need any understanding. All you’d have to do is stick with it. A little mimicry would help, but that’s really it. That’s why this list is good. Door’s wide open; everyone is invited. And you know what? You’d be producing something of value. At the very least, you yourself would value it. These are your models. Your versions will not be as good as these books. But they will be good just the same.

3. From Kottke again, Mr. Rogers would re-shoot parts of his show as needed to make sure they were still current.