Sunday morning I got up early and started to sew. Despite having two cat beds and a blanket on the floor, Toby only wanted to be up on the ironing board. Thus began the great Sunday Morning Ironing Board Battle.

Here he is after the initial attack, deploying his reserves of cute so I don’t notice that he’s 1.) getting cat hair all over my project and 2.) stopped all progress. 

Here he is about 30 minutes later, having unwillingly ceded the project fabric to a kitty blanket rescued from the floor. He’s not happy; I still can’t iron. A low point of the battle.

And here’s the happy ending: In a sneak attack, I slid him and the kitty blanket to the other end of the ironing board, giving him my ironing hams to use as a “pillow.” After the initial shock and awe, he decided that was acceptable and proceeded to roll around and get more cat hair everywhere. I was able to iron on the other end and we all lived to fight another day.