My boyfriend of the last year is moving at the end of the month. Dealing with a relationship with an expiration date has been so strange that I’ve transferred a lot of emotion to the koi in his koi pond. Because he’s going to rent out his house, they faced an uncertain fate–so I made it a goal to find them a new place to live.

Enter Utah Koi (Robyn was so helpful!) and a Saturday spent catching 15 koi and driving them from Clearfield to West Jordan.


The biggest koi, Richard M. Nixon, was the easiest to catch. (Also, I should have seen all this coming when I named him last summer…)


Draining the water level to make it easier to catch some of the last ones


Driving fish around the greater Wasatch Front, because why not?


Safe in a holding pond at Utah Koi. Maybe someday Richard M. Nixon can join the giant koi in the main pond:



The Great Koi Migration took most of the day, so that’s why I have fish pictures instead of hiking pictures today. But at least now it’s done and the koi won’t die from neglect–if I come back as a fish, I’d want someone to do the same for me.