Remember when I wanted a dog this time last year? Right when I was starting a new job and my co-habitation situation was spiraling out of control and I was making up imaginary boyfriends? Yeah, good times.

This year is much better, but I’ve been playing with the idea of a cat. I don’t need one for the company–I have a very nice human for company now–but it would be, firstly, a kitty that would purr and be cute, and, secondly, a sort of “gravy” to a good situation. (Kind of like the [in]famous Crosby Stills Nash and Young song “Our House.”) There are lots of adult cats (orange ones, too!) who need the quiet, indoor home I could give them, and I’ve grown up with cats so I know what they entail.

But. I know that taking on responsibility for something that’s alive should have more motivation than song lyrics. And I don’t really know how I would choose: I’ve been looking on and think I need to see one in person, but I know that going to a shelter would be so paralyzing for me that I wouldn’t be able to decide, because I couldn’t take them all.

So maybe I need to wait and look at Cute Overload in the meantime, which has a fine ‘Tocktober entry today:
Also, do you have “Our House” in your head now? I do.