When I ordered that tiger/volcano fabric from Fabric Godmother, I threw in half a meter of viscose knit from Celine for underwear (now sold out). I thought the print would be very Marie-Antoinette, but…I think my pattern choices made it turn out more Anne of Green Gables:

These were both free patterns and they’re really comfortable to wear, so I’m ok with the Anne aesthetic. The top is the Barrett Bralette and the undies are the Noelle Underwear, both from Madalynne Intimates. I’ve found I need to size down a LOT in her patterns and the instructions are a little wacky, but the finished product is great: The Noelles are currently the winner in my ongoing Trial of Giant Underwear Patterns and the Barrett has the best support of any pullover bra I’ve tried to date.

As for my fall sewing plans, they’re are all for underwear right now. It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be working from home for the rest of the year l and I just don’t need any more clothes to wear at home. (You could argue I also don’t need any more underwear, but at least they don’t use a lot of fabric or time.) I want to turn this pile of fabric and lace into a set of mix-and-match (or matchy-clashy) bras and undies, so stay tuned.

(Yes that is hot orange stretch velvet in the upper left.)