I think the first crafty skill I learned was embroidery. (I’m assuming making bridles and blankets for my model horses doesn’t count, of course.) But for years I didn’t really have a craft hobby, because I was a musician and I felt guilty about having any hobby other than practicing. About four years ago I had a return to craftiness: I decided, out of nowhere, to embroider a pillowcase set for my roommate. He ended up with two sets and I thought, “Hm, craft hobbies…they have possibilities.” Then I learned how to knit, and then I started sewing again, and now I’m on a veritable runaway train of craft.

On my craft train, I once again want to embroider something. But now, I’m not content with “His” and “His” pillowcases, oh no. Now I am COMBINING crafts. I thought, “Wouldn’t a red apron top with piping on it be really cute…with embroidered pockets?”

I decided it would be and started a pocket last night.

But I’m a little concerned what all this craft-combining is going to do to the universe. The energy I spend on any ONE craft is enormous; what will the energy of TWO combined crafts in one finished item do?