First Wilson Pickett, and now this–the delight just doesn’t stop!

Those are Australian fairy penguins wearing sweaters (“jumpers,” if you’re in a former British colony). The penguins are rescued from oil spills and the sweaters help absorb the oil and keep them warm as they recover. And the best part: there are instructions that tell you how to knit your own penguin sweater. Think of the penguins!

UPDATE: Put your needles down; the project is ended. 15,000 penguin sweaters were collected. Also, more information on why you’d dress a penguin in a sweater in the first place:

The jumpers, when fitted, keep the penguins from ‘preening’ (picking at their feathers) to remove the oil, which is highly toxic to them. Later they are used to protect them after cleaning, a process that temporarily affects the natural oil keeping the birds warm and waterproof.