Things like paying off debt and buying a new mattress (#2 and #3) and even things that involve eating out (10, 11, 18, 20, 26, and 28) (wow, I like to go to restaurants) have had to wait, understandably, but I’ve been able to cross a few things off the list:

4. Make a queen-sized quilt–I bet you thought I forgot about this, but I’ve been working on it at my parents’ house on Sundays. I finished piecing the top yesterday! Now I have to add a border, because someone forgot to check her math about how big a queen-size quilt needs to be
16. Stop biting my nails. I’ve made some progress here: After I gnawed them off completely when I was laid off, I’ve been able to let them grow a little, if only because I never want my hands to look like that again.
17. Learn how to sew knit fabric. I have something in progress, so check back next Tuesday to see if I can say I’ve learned how to do it.
25. Stop getting plastic bags from the grocery store
27. Make cloth napkins and use them for everyday meals
28. Go out to breakfast one weekend a month

18. Drink an Old Fashioned at the bar at Bambara The minute I find out I have a job again