Like I said last week, I decided to push through the king size quilt I’ve had in progress so we can have it on the bed by the end of the year. I also decided we needed matching shams, so that meant I had to make a trip to Harmony on Saturday for more fabric (and, oops, some sock yarn):

Then I cut all that brand-new fabric up into smaller pieces and arrange it:

Then I sew the smaller pieces together, cut them up again vertically, and sew them all together again to get a block that’s smaller than the piece of brand-new fabric in the first place. (Sometimes, modern quilting makes no sense, but in my defense I ran out of big enough scrap pieces months ago; the mask making of 2020 really put a dent in my quilting cotton.)

Anyway, this is all pretty money- and labor-intensive. I wish I’d started tracking time and expenses but now I’m just going for it. I did have a moment, though, thinking this entire thing wouldn’t even look good. I grabbed the blocks I had 100% finished and laid them out to see if this was going to work… and it is. Sometimes you gotta get some distance and then you can see the patterns emerge.

Yes, that was a Quilting Metaphor.