Isolation, day 17: I put on a shirt with BUTTONS and wore SHOES and EARRINGS! I also moved the kitchen table and had Doc take pictures of my not-so-secret pajama pants while Toby helped:

These are another pair of Brassie Joggers in a knit from Nerida Hansen–the same place I got my Lisa Congdon fabric and clearly the source of the most amazing prints. This one is by artist Miranda Sofroniou. (I bought it last year, so it’s sold out, but there’s other prints by the artist in stock.)

At this point in my elastic-waist pants journey, I’ve figured out my preferred Brassie mods: I cut a separate pocket bag with trim (as shown in this tutorial) so I don’t have to use the sewing machine at all, just the serger. I’ve also been cutting the waistband as wide as the pants opening so the elastic will form some gathers, for more of a true jogger look/forgiving fit across the belly.

I finished these before the isolation days started but I’m glad I decided to only make stretchy pants for a while. Someday I will wear them out of the house and feel like I’m getting away with not wearing “real” pants.