It’s a little more than halfway through the year (how?!) so I thought I’d check in on the 2018 Make Nine Plans. I’ve made good progress overall, but looking at what I actually wear, what I’ve actually made, and what I realistically have time to do in a busy second half of the year, I’m changing up the plan a little.

What’s done:

  • The Toaster sweater in that beautiful gray terry
  • The quilted Nani Iro jacket (I considering cutting those sleeves off and turning it into a vest, since I’m still not happy with them).
  • The Wiksten Kimono Jacket which I love and wear a lot (when it’s not 100 degrees).
  • Three different Adventure Tanks–I realize I only blogged the muslin so I’ll have to get some photos of the versions in bamboo jersey.
  • A linen Willow Tank. After that post I went back and re-did that darts, so I feel a lot better about it now and love that indigo color.
  • A muslin for the vintage jumpsuit pattern, which turned out so wearable I may call it its own project? Love this one.

What I still have to do:

  • It’s prime short-sleeve boxy shirt season so I know I should jump on the stripy Blaire shirt (top row center) but I’m having a hard time getting motivated.
  • My annual plaid flannel Archer can happen in October or November, so I’m not worried about that (left of the Blaire shirt).
  • I have fabric for the long sleeve version of the jumpsuit and it would be nice to have, but I’m not going to push hard to get it done this year.

What’s changing:

  • I had planned to make a longer denim duster (second from left, bottom row) to copy this one, and I still think I’d like one in my closet. But copying that artist with my Nani Iro jacket  made me feel small, so I don’t want to rip off another small manufacturer. I made that amazing jacquard Wiksten Kimono Jacket, so I’m saying that can fill the navy jacket slot this year.
  • I was going to try a lengthened Archer shirt dress (bottom right) in some precious Kokka twill, but I have worn a dress exactly once this year and felt uncomfortable the whole day. So I’m scratching the dress plans–that fabric can be another jumpsuit instead.

So there you have it! I never thought I would be a joiner on a social media challenge, but this has been a good way to get me to think about a “wardrobe” versus “what can I make next?!”.

Also, lists. I love anything that involves lots of lists.