1. Put the money that I was using to pay off debt into savings for a down payment on some sort of house, townhouse, or condo
  2. Learn about real estate and home buying through the Utah State Extension classes
  3. Stop buying non-essentials for myself for three months. (Non essentials are ready-made clothes, really expensive fabric, shoes)
  4. Buy that Eames desk chair. I’ll use the money I’ll be saving from not buying any non-essentials.
  5. Buy that damn garbage can already.
  6. Buy a living room chair–armless, small-ish, but comfy. This will help with seating to accomplish #22
  7. Sew new pillow covers for the living room. Brown velvet + tan cat = not so good.
  8. Buy a vacuum. Did I mention cat hair?
  9. Refresh my yoga skills and then…
  10. Start doing yoga twice a week
  11. Get recycling at the apartment. No, I haven’t had it for three years and I’m tired of feeling guilty every time I throw away some junk mail.
  12. Similarly, bring in some actual flatware for the breakroom at work to cut down on waste
  13. November-March, walk or ride to work at least twice a month. April-September, up it to four times a month.
  14. Eat at one new restaurant a month–any meal, but it has to be somewhere I haven’t been before.
  15. Eat at Red Iguana
  16. Go to Bonneville Speed Week
  17. Go to a roller derby game
  18. Stop biting my fingernails. I mean it this year.
  19. Wear more colors of lipstick than “pink” and “darker pink”
  20. Find a perfume I want to wear regularly. (I would say “signature scent” but then I would sound like a women’s magazine.)
  21. Stock and maintain a home bar and keep it stocked. No drinking it up and not replacing it.
  22. Have more people over to the apartment–not huge parties, but a few people for dinner, or drinks before a restaurant, etc.
  23. Learn more about wine
  24. Learn and retain the difference between whisk(e)y, bourbon, and scotch
  25. Learn and retain the difference between brandy and cognac
  26. Get my eyes checked again, update my prescription, and start wearing glasses in front of the computer.
  27. Find a dermatologist to look at a couple moles, if only so I can stop worrying about skin cancer.
  28. Learn how to can fruits, veggies, or jam.
  29. Get a better camera
  30. Go to Moab and/or Zion

I’ve learned from last year’s list–the last three I don’t have high expectations ,